All sessions last for one hour.  

The number of sessions you might have depends on what you want to achieve. My experience varies from clients who only want two or three sessions to deal with a single specific issue, to clients who want long term work on their personal development.

On average I see clients for between six and twenty sessions.

Counselling often starts with weekly sessions, then shifts to fortnightly, then monthly or just an occasional check-in when needed.

Some people start at once a fortnight, or even once a month.  

Everyone has unique experiences and goals, and working out how many sessions you might want is something we start to do when we meet at the introduction.


Introduction session = £30.00

(This lasts one hour and gives us both the opportunity to decide if working with me is the right choice for you)

Counselling sessions = £40.00

Concessions for low income = this is something I will negotiate with you if you are on a reduced income.

BUPA Health Insurance: I am a BUPA Registered Practitioner. (Practitioner number 30045136)  



Everything you tell me is completely confidential unless you tell me that you or someone else is at immediate and serious risk of harm.  Anything which happened in the past stays completely confidential.   


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